The chemicals that float in the air make you fat: study


If you're a girl who regularly goes to the gym and you keep a balanced diet but you can not lose weight, maybe it's the air that is making you fat, as you heard it! Science confirmed that there are chemicals in the air that make us gain weight.

The University of Stirling, Scotland, conducted a study in which he discovered that chemical particles in the air have a very close relationship between pollution and gain weight.

Pollution makes us fat

The study showed that the chemicals that prevent us from losing weight are the obesogens, contaminants that directly interfere in the endocrine system, that is, they alter the functioning of the hormones and negatively impact the metabolism, slowing it down and causing you to gain those odious extra pounds.

There is still no information that reveals how harmful they are, because it is about xenobiotics, its chemical structure is not natural and have been created by man in laboratories.

You must clean the dust of your house more

You have to be more strict with the dust that accumulates in your home, because last year another study by the European Society on Endocrinology found that one of the most common sources of obesogenic chemicals is household dust, which interferes with the way that our body stores and processes fat.

So never forget to clean your house more often and opt for non-toxic products for the air whenever possible.

Go to a professional

If you live in a city with high levels of pollution, this may present even more difficulties to lose weight. Consult a specialist in the matter if there is an uncontrolled weight gain, because the reason could be the obesogens that are impacting your health without you noticing.

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