The cell phone that obsessed you in the past returns to the sale But in the Smartphone version!


Surely remember that in early 2000 the cell phone Motorola Razr V3 had crazy teens. That with the fascinating super slim design that came in silver, black and, our favorite: Barbie pink.

Do you remember your high school years sending text messages with this phone? Well, the cell phone company Motorola has surprised the world with the recent news that they could possibly launch a new version of the Motorola Razr V3 with an operating system Android, which would have a touch screen.

However, all this remains in mystery, thanks to a commercial of 45 seconds on YouTube where it opens the expectation to that possibility. Quite simply, if the rumor is true that the version will come out in June of this year smartphone of the famous and now vintage Motorola Razr V3, we have no doubt that more than one girl will shout: Motorola, take my money now!

Do you remember the famous Motorola Razr V3?

The expectation of the possible rumor that this new version of the Razr V3 goes on sale is bigger than you imagine, since Motorola never again surpassed the success it had with this model, after which in 2004 it came to sell more of 100 million units.

So when this old commercial of the most popular cell phone appeared by surprise, it has become a viral topic.

The commercial went viral in a matter of hours

We'll talk later

What surprised everyone was that at the end of the commercial ends with an important date: 06/09/2016 and the initials of the phrase talk to you later (TTYL) which in English means we talk later.

So yes, it's almost a fact that in June we'll be able to see more than one girl standing in line just to have that slim and super chic cellular, but now in Android version and with touch screen; My kingdom for the pink V3 Razr, sir! .

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