The boy of your dreams: DIFFERENCE between a pretty face and a good PERSONALITY


In the search for a partner, looks are overrated. Yes, you read well. In our culture, exposure is above all and has led some relationships to be destructive. It is sad to see a beautiful couple treat each other like rubbish, just as it is frustrating to hear someone say that a man is out of reach because he is physically attractive, as if it were the only criterion that mattered.

Yes, physical appearance is important, but it is not the main feature you should look for in someone you are dating. Actually, it is the minimum, and not what determines whether it is good enough. The real golden rule for someone you should go out with is that your company likes you and that your presence makes your life better. The person you are dating should be someone who adds something positive to your life, anything else that some of us know very well, can be a waste of time.

Although this list is not exhaustive, there are three important qualities that go beyond the physical and the pretty face.

1. Passion

Few traits are more seductive than having enthusiasm for life. When someone has found their passion, they live life in a way that attracts you. If he was passionate long before you came, now that you can see how his eyes light up while you talk to him, you're hooked.

The good thing about passion is that it has no limits: passionate people are in almost everything in life. So when he kisses you, it's a big kiss. In bed, he will drive you crazy. Going out with a passionate man, with the enthusiasm and energy necessary to live his life the way he wants, is always an adventure that you can not refuse. Someone without passion does not have that intense look that keeps your attention.

Someone who is not passionate may be fine for one night, but you will get bored and get away from him because, literally, you see nothing in him more than his physical appearance. You are more likely to be attracted to that guy you just met at the café, who smiles from ear to ear as he talks about how much he loves to experiment with cooking and explains how to make the perfect cappuccino.

He who has passion always stands out, even if he is not the most handsome. He who is not passionate, soon forgets.

2. Friendliness

The kindness I speak of is a kindness and respect. There are too many people in the world who are in relationships seeking power or some kind of advantage. They lie, manipulate and play to get you to submit to their will; or they do circus, rope and theater to get attention just to brag.

But someone who does not allow themselves to miss appointments or intentionally have someone in the background while finding a better option is the one we refer to. A kind person is honest, and sees no reason to use his power games in a romantic context. Maybe it's not always pleasant, and that's an important distinction: he'll tell you the truth about what he does not like, for example, because he knows what's best for both of them in the long term. However, there will always be respect.

He understands that in a difficult world he is more prone to fight and enter into conflicts, but his relationship is not the place for competition or rivalry. He believes that if the two are going to participate in a war, then they must be on the same side. If you do not find this feature attractive, then maybe it's because you lack yourself and you have stopped appreciating its value.

A handsome man who is rude and cruel to those around him, only reflects his frustration. The only women who would go out with him are those who have so little confidence that they are willing to suffer their company in order to sleep with him.

You will never suffer the company of a kind man: you will long for it. Once you know it, the option to stay is obvious.

3. Singularity

The qualities listed above are great, but you are likely to find a few people who possess them. Many are able to find their passion in life; few people are unable to show kindness if they decide to make the effort. But the singularity is a trait that allows you to excel: he has some innate quality that allows you to choose him from a crowd. No matter the quality that makes it unique, but there is something in it that attracts you and that is not defined by physical beauty.

In combination with true uniqueness, the beauty of a man comes alive. Without her, he is just a pretty face. The singularity is what separates it from the rest, and you will know it when you see it.

Once again, physical beauty is important, but not as much as we often say it is. A pretty face with no substance can be replaced by another. There is an old phrase that says: A pretty face attracts attention, but personality maintains it.This is true with a little warning: a pretty face can hold your attention until it is out of your sight.

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