The book The Stand of the Kisses will have a sequel and we already know what it is about


A year ago Netflix blessed us with The stand of kisses, a film of the most romantic, those that we all need because we forget the stress and bad loves. This film brought everything we wanted from teenage love, including the handsome Jacob Elordi (Noah Flynn), from whom it was impossible not to fall in love. It was so popular that it was the most broadcast movie on the site of streaming in 2018.

And, as if that were not enough, Netflix already announced the sequel and it seems that soon we can enjoy it inside the portal. But we still do not tell them the best: Beth Reekles, author of the book, announced on social networks that the book of the sequel will be released, so we will have stand of kisses for a while

What's the fate of Elle and Noah?

The sequel to the story will take the title Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance, and it will leave until January 2020, but we already know what it will be about, so ALERT SPOILER!

The book will begin with the difficult situation in which Elle Evans finds herself, because shortly after her relationship with Noah Flyn, she will now have to face the reality that he is going to study at Harvard, which means a long distance relationship . Everything will get even worse when Elle finds out that Noah is being very friendly with a girl from the university, in addition, it will be difficult to ignore the new boy Levi, who seems to be interested in her. What will happen to Elle now?

But for those who can not wait any longer, Beth has already published the first chapter of the name book The Beach House.


The announcement of the second part came out a little after Netflix confirmed the sequel to the movie. According to the recent press release, the tape is currently in production, which means that filming should start soon.

Actors Joey King and Joel Courtney met to create a special promotion of the film, and Jacob Elordi is also confirmed to return. If you have not seen the Nelflix ad yet, take a look below:

We hope that the second movie will make us fall in love as the first one did.

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