The birth order defines your personality Discover how you are!


Did you know that the order of birth shapes your character? Researchers of genetics have discovered that the place that each child occupies will determine his personality and character. That is, there are not two children who have the same parents, even if they belong to the same family. The reason, according to the researchers, is because the parents are different with each of their children, who never take the same role.

In what place with respect to your sisters are you? Are you the oldest, the middle one or the youngest? Or, on the contrary: are you an only child?

In PinkMyRide We have made a list of each role children play in the family nucleus, so that you feel identified with one.

1. First-born: winner

If you are the oldest daughter, you will probably have more in common with other older children than with your own siblings. You have control over your parents, since a lot of the attention they gave you was when they were first-time. You are responsible and they can trust you; You know how to behave, you are careful and you reflect a miniature version of your own parents.

The winners are identified with careers focused on social welfare, communication and politics, also to coordinate a work team or your own company. Being a mini-version of your parents, you seek to dominate your brothers. The only problem is when you stop being the only one, because you will feel that you have lost the family throne and you will not have the same attention.

2. The middle one: competitive

If your place is in the middle you are a comprehensive, flexible and very competitive person. You care about justice; In addition, as the median, it is likely that you have a very close circle of friends that you consider an additional family, due to the lack of attention of your parents.

The trait that defines you will be opposite to that of your older or younger brother. Those incredible social skills learned because of your middle ground can be those of a large-scale entrepreneur.

3. The minor: the soul of the party

When the third child is born, the parents have confidence in their roles as caregivers, and therefore are more lenient and do not pay as much attention as they did with the older siblings. This is how you learn to seduce the public with sympathy and charm.

In a sense you are the most independent. You have a lot in common with your older brother, since both of them feel they have rights and are special. Its influence extends to the entire family nucleus. Therefore, you feel you have a place and that makes you feel safe.

4. Unique daughter: the lonely and independent

Surrounded always by adults, you tend to be more verbal and mature, which allows you to gain intelligence. In your solitude you have learned to be ingenious, creative and independent. You have affinity with the firstborn and the babies of the family.

Did you identify with any?

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