The best lipstick guide for any occasion and style you'll see


100 years ago, there were only labials of a single type and with little variety of colors. Instead, we now know that they are never enough, and we choose them according to the occasion and the style we want to project.

Do you know how many types of lipsticks exist and how are they used? Here you have a guide so you know how to choose the most suitable one for you the next time you go shopping.

Types of lipsticks


It is the classic format and it is still the most used.


Known as eyeliner, it allows to define or redraw the shape of the lips. The ideal is to combine it with a color similar to that of the bar.

Lipstick in pencil

Halfway between the eyeliner and the bar, it allows to paint the lip with great precision but with a creamier texture.

Liquid lipstick

It is gaining positions to the creamy bar due to its easy application with built-in brush and increasingly lasting results.

Gloss or lip gloss

It can be found in several formats and requires constant retouching.

In cream

It can be found in palettes of various shades that are applied with a special brush for lips, or in cans similar to those of facial creams but of a much smaller size.

In marker

The format is identical to that of a highlighter like those used to underline or color.



They usually provide a more sober appearance but are becoming more popular also for evening events. Although they paint a lot and last a long time, the lips tend to lose hydration.


It may be the newest type and almost all makeup and cosmetics firms are launching new lipsticks that promise hydration without sacrificing a long duration.


The most classic option and one of the most demanded for its wide variety of colors and the softness it brings to the lips. The duration is average.


The most daring and ideal to give volume and luminosity to the smile, are perfect for women with thinner lips. The biggest problem is the short duration and that requires a constant retouching so that the finish is the desired one.

Long duration

There are many women who are completely attached to the fixed labial, which can give very good results in terms of duration but the lips lose their hydration almost completely and are very aggressive.

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