The best DAD in the world or the worst? A distracted father makes FUN pictures with his adorable daughter


Taken out of context, the pictures taken by Dave Engledow could be proof that he is possibly the worst dad in the world, however, reading his story will make you see that as indicated by his always present cup could really be the best, or less the funniest His wife Jen is his photography assistant, although as an army lieutenant colonel he was recently stationed in Seoul and now Dave spends more time raising his daughter and only on weekends to the photo shoots.

It all started when, to show his little daughter Alice Bee of only 8 weeks of age to his friends, Dave took a photograph that became a hit in Facebook. True to his sarcastic style, as Alice grew older, Dave's photos were more complex. In this collection that reaches 50 combines multiple images and uses digital retouching to create scenarios full of humor.

1. Anti-gas mask

2. The best dad in the world

3. Baby in preparation

4. Enjoy!

5. That carpet will not clean itself

6. Pizza night

7. Confessions of the best dad in the world

8. Nothing better than reading the sports section

9. Come on, you can do it!

10. A champion really has to do it

11. Time to sleep

12. Gangnam Style

13. You must eat all your vegetables

14. Doing yoga

15. I wanted to be Batman!

16. A little sauce and it will be ready

17. Hands to work

18. Breakfast in bed

19. Dad, do you want a little more blocker?

20. Braking Bad

21. No rudeness in this house!

22. Selfie in the kitchen

23. Rain of popcorn

24. Delicious!

25. I do not like tea time

26. A brooch here, another here and that's it!

27. I'm getting sick

28. Coffee from the heights

29. This sink will not uncover itself

30. Yes, my colonel!

Try Not To Laugh Funny Dads Compilation 2018 | Dads Are The Best!! - My Vines (January 2021)