The acne on your face could reveal what happens in your body


Acne is often a mystery, no one knows what is the exact cause for which it appears; neither how long it will last nor how to end it definitively.

However, specialists have noted that recurrent acne in certain facial areas is not only a problem of closed pores, heredity or lack of hygiene, but it goes further by revealing diseases that our body suffers and of which we are not aware. This is explained by Dr. Ellen Marmur, founder of Marmur Medical.

But this discovery is not new, traditional Chinese medicine has used face reading as a medical diagnostic tool for centuries. It consists of observing the imperfections of the face, linking each area to a specific organ and deducing the damage to give an accurate diagnosis.

Zones 1 and 2

Problem in: digestive system.
Actions to improve: Say goodbye to junk food, fat and increase the amount of water you drink.

Zone 3

Problem in: liver.
Actions to improve: decreases the consumption of alcohol, fatty foods and dairy products. Perform 30 minutes of exercise a day and sleep at least six hours.

Areas 4 and 5

Problem in: kidneys
Actions to improve: eliminates drinks with gas, coffee, sugar and alcohol.

Zone 6

Problem in: heart.
Actions to improve: Increase fatty acids in your diet, fish, avocado, flax seeds, olive oil, chia seeds, and avoid irritating foods.

Areas 7 and 8

Problem in: accumulation of toxins.
Actions to improve: avoid processed foods, consume vitamins and drink water.

Areas 9 and 10

Problem in: respiratory system.
Actions to improve: Eat fresh foods, reduce sugar intake, vacuum carpets, furniture, even your pillows and change your sheets constantly.

Areas 11 and 12

Problem of: hormonal imbalance.
Actions to improve: You can decrease the effect of hormonal changes by sleeping more than eight hours, drink two liters of water, increase the consumption of vegetables.
Curious fact: when there is an outbreak of pimples or black spots in this area it indicates that you are ovulating, and the side of the face (right-left) corresponds to the ovary that is active.

Zone 13

Problem in: stomach.
Actions to improve: increase fiber intake, drink green tea or ginger, this will help eliminate the overload of toxins in your body.

Zone 14

Problem of: stress.
Actions to improve: Take a rest and sleep more.

Acne | Nucleus Health (April 2021)