The 32 most RARE shoes you can see in EVERYONE


All women love shoes regardless of whether they are tall, short or with strange designs. Although there are some who are stranger than normal and make you wonder, how can they exist? Like these 32 shoes that are too rare.

1. Steampunk by Alexander McQueen

2. Shoe with structural design

3. Swan

4. Melted ice cream

5. Ballet dancer sneakers with heels

6. Futuristic design

7. Extravaganza I

8. Extravaganza II (useful for self defense)

9. Meringue (I still doubt: does that heel support the weight?)

10. For the athlete that we all carry inside

12. Leather sculpture

13. Will there be something more painful?

14. Yes, I think it does exist

15. It would not be good to use them with a skirt

16. If at any time you get bored, you can take the Game Boy of your shoe

17. The heel of a lady and a heel with a lady

18. Face in skin (or Wrestler mask I)

19. These will help you remember your childhood (or that of your brothers)

20. Wherever you go, it will be clean

21. These cause visual conflict to anyone

22. Showing my beautiful red nails

23. Gothic style

24. Test to be overcome: maintain balance

25. My shoes chained to me, or vice versa

26. Who does not want some shoes like that to party?

27. Skating was never more glamorous

28. Without words

29. A very convincing optical effect

But let's not forget the famous Lady Gaga collection:

30. Shoes of fresh meat. Do you crave?

31. One of her models to look discreet

32. Pearls, always elegant in any woman

even the most experienced suffers falls

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