The 25 disappointments you must face at 25 Crisis of the 4th of the century!


The 25 are a special age. It is the moment when we usually find ourselves at the top of a new chapter of our lives. We have lived at least 25 percent of what we have to live (more or less), and we are undoubtedly adults.

Unfortunately, this new stage brings a lot of information that we do not know, and for the most part, it is somewhat disappointing.

Not everything arrives at the same time, but it sure will arrive before 30. Meanwhile, these are the 25 disappointments that you must face at 25.

1. Think you would already be at the job you dreamed

When we are young we think that by graduating at 22, we will have enough time to find the job we always wanted. The problem is that when we reach adulthood, the years become extremely short and there is no time to wait that the perfect job arrives. Most 25-year-olds hate their jobs.

2. You realize that you do not know as much as you thought

As we grow, everything becomes more complicated. The years of youth are synonymous with simplicity, while sadly when we reach around 25, the illusion begins to fade.

3. Discover the exact amount of your salary for taxes

Taxation was something we had completely ignored. Now you notice how much salary does not even pass through your hands, and that hurts hurts a lot.

4. Keeping yourself alone is not as fun as you thought it would be

As we grow, we want to become adults as soon as possible. The irony is that, once we are, many times we would like to return to childhood. Being independent is exciting, until you really are. After everything feels expensive.

5. Living on your own is not as glamorous as you expected

You could not wait to have your own home, your own car and your own life. But after living on your own for a certain time, it turns out that it was not as great as you expected it to be. (It turns out that you still move on foot and share an apartment where your room is 3? 3 meters)

6. Accept that you have to work most of the time, sucks

After a few years in the workplace, many people begin to realize how much they hate the idea of ​​having to work for the rest of their lives.

Most people work to live the life they want to have. The problem is that work takes up too much time, and enjoying that life is almost impossible.

When we reach the age of 25, we make a decision: either we put up with it and strive to make money, or we look for something that we are passionate about so much that the work will never feel like it anymore.

7. You realize that the days are very short and there is little time to do other things

If you are 25 years old and you are one of those who work and live alone, you will realize that finding time to socialize and have fun can be difficult.

Of course, each situation is different, but if your working day is from 9 to 5, you exercise, clean your house, wash your clothes, cook and sleep a healthy amount of hours, then there is not much time left for everything else. You already know the good things in life.

8. You are disappointed in the people you know

It's possible that before you were excited to go out and meet all the fascinating people of the world. You still think you should be out there somewhere, but you never thought it would be so hard to find them. In general, now you start to know the disappointments.

The more people you know, the more they mix with the rest of the people you've already met. That is to say, making new friends becomes complicated.

9. You are also disappointed by people who attract you

You can make new friends, not like the friends you've grown up with, but friends; However, finding a partner is the most difficult thing of all. Having 25 is a great stage to have appointments and know everything. It is also a good time to make mistakes. You must keep in mind that that is exactly what will happen to you: a lot of mistakes.

10. You lose some friends

You thought that your high school classmates, or even those in elementary school, would be part of your life forever. However, you have not spoken or heard anything from them for months.

Not that they decided to cut things, it's just that no one has tried. Everyone, including you, has multiple occupations, which absorb most of their time. It's disappointing.

11. You realize who the good and bad friends are

You do not want to do it, but you know what's necessary. There are friends who are hurting you instead of supporting you. This is something that is going to hurt, to realize that someone really does not deserve to be in your life and make the decision to walk away. It is not easy, but it will be one of the best decisions of your life.

12. Realize all the school debt you have to pay

Whose idea was it that you went to college? It is part of the sacrifice for having a profession, but so is the debt that you have accumulated. (Worst of all is when you do not even work in the field you studied.)

13. When your university career only allows you to find jobs that you can not stand

When you studied, you liked to learn about everything that your career encompassed. But, when you exercise it, especially when you just graduated, you realize that many of the jobs available have nothing to do, they pay you little and you also hate them.

14. You do not know where to direct your life

You are 25, should not you have everything already solved? Most of us expected to be clear when we reach that age.

Now we understand that at 25 we are still young, despite the great distance traveled in life. And you are more lost and confused than ever! Do not worry too much; not miss: check once again what you want to achieve.

15. You're still single

The more years you have, unfortunately, the more relationships you will fail. Although sometimes it bothers you, it's also fun to be still single. You're probably not ready to the relationship of your life

You are young, and it is better to take advantage of that time alone to know, have fun and learn.

16. Although you know there are 24 hours in a day, it seems that they are less

The teenage years are full of days that never end, hours of fun and plenty of free time. Now you are losing count of the days, even, sometimes even of the weeks.

17. Not being happy

You were sure that at 25 you would wake up every morning with a smile on your face, and you're surprised that now all you have on your face is a frown that does not want to leave your face.

Regardless of whether or not you were expecting, concentrate on the little things and remember that you have the energy and will to change direction if it is what you need.

18. When you realize that your parents are not the superheroes that you thought

Well, you had already noticed, but you did not think they were so human.

The older you get, your parents start talking to you as if they were your friends. This can be fantastic, but also a bit disappointing.

19. Party, drink and go crazy, it's not exciting anymore

Even if you do not want to believe it, you no longer enjoy the same endless partying. It's so strange!

20. How amazingly fast you got to 25

Realistically, it is even more than a quarter of your life. Also, they are always telling you that from now on everything will change, and you should even start worrying about your health.

Thanks for the encouraging forecast!

21. Know that finding your passion is not everything

If you are one of the lucky ones who have already found their passion in life, we are sorry to tell you that this is only the first step to get where you want to be.

22. Life becomes boring

When you were a teenager you thought that life was boring, always going to classes and pretending to pay attention. But now, things can really be boring, very boring. You depend on your schedule, your obligations and your schedules.

At this age everything usually becomes very monotonous, but it is up to you to give it variety and emotion.

23. You miss school

Not only are you disappointed to miss school, it also surprises you. Who would have thought that after years of wanting to leave, now would you like to come back again?

24. Realize that you have little time to make your dream life

Sure, there is enough time, but you want time to enjoy the life you worked so hard for.

What is the point of working all your life, if for lack of time you can not enjoy it?

25. You still do not know what is the meaning of everything

Now you understand the things in life much less than before. The good news? That is what people call wisdom.

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