The 21 best and FUN tweets with the HASHTAG #Frases deMujeres

Let's admit it, we women are a bit complicated and we love drama, that's why we have our repertoire of #FrasesDeMujeres. Not a little? My favorite is: In 5 minutes I'm ready, although in the background those 5 minutes will end up being at least an hour.

For that and more phrases, on Twitter the hashtag #FrasesDeMujeres became a trending topic, and here we bring a selection of our favorites, to you, which one do you like to say?

1. In our days we are a love

2. Female law

3. If you already know, for what are they done

4. Is that your face gives me a bad spine

#Friendly Quotes;
I dislike!
Do you know her?
No, but I do not like it?

ã? ¤ã? ¤ã? ¤Juan Carlos (@iNiTanOdioso) July 23, 2015

5. Female logic

6. Why do you think I'm angry? WHY? Ã? Ã? Ã?!

#Friendly Quotes

No, I am not angry.

Juan Carlos Morera (@Juansoloescribe) July 23, 2015

7. All women, every day, all of life

#Friendly Quotes
Love, in 5 minutes I'm ready

Egg (@Un_huevo_) July 23, 2015

8. Oops!

#Friendly Quotes

I do not want a couple now

(I do not want you as a couple now)

Sofi (@sofimvideos) July 23, 2015

9. We will never hurt ourselves

10. Even my stomach leaves me in sight

11. Good luck with your friend

12. When we are hungry

13. What happens is that she is presumed

14. Bye pride

15. The biggest lie

16. And shut up

#frasesdemujeres nothing happens to me

Camila (@camitorbali) July 23, 2015

17. Apart from all this full closet, I have nothing to wear

#Friendly Quotes "I do not have to wear it" and your wardrobe is like

AytusFrases (@SoyJuanl_) July 23, 2015

18. All, whenever we come out of the aesthetic

I told them that the tips and they leave my hair like a dora the explorer. ? #Friendly Quotes

Paul (@paul_oa) July 23, 2015

19. And do not lie!

20. I do not ask for anything again until I see something else

21. Of course the feelings are first

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