The 17 BEST things about having a little sister


Having a little sister is having someone to protect and guide in life. He has become one of your favorite people; in a friend, companion and accomplice.

She knows you better than anyone and seeing her is a reflection of who you are. Your company is the best, because when they are together the problems become simpler, the laughter is endless, and the fights only last a moment.

1. You have a life-size barbie doll

It was your duty as a big sister to dress her up for family gatherings on Sundays. And sometimes, it was difficult to do because you did not have time to fix yourself. But thanks to your little sister, you noticed your bad ability to make up, that you have improved over the years.

2. They automatically gave you permission to leave if your sister went with you

If your parents were hesitant about letting you go out on a date or spending time with your friends, you made a deal with them and they allowed you to go, as long as you took your sister.

3. To accompany you, you put the rules

When you went out with her, you put some rules and she followed them obediently. You know you are in debt to her for the rest of your life because of that.

4. Your parents bought you the best gifts if you shared them with her

You grew up knowing that everything you had was meant to be shared.

5. Two closets = Double clothes!

6. Having a sister is like knowing another version of yourself

If you were the sister who loved makeup, she was the one who loved school and sports. If you ordered a hot coffee, she would ask for a frappe. If you ran out of money, she saved everything and you could borrow her most of the time.

7. She is everything that you are not and that makes you feel as if they complement each other

You are proud of everything you can do, and she feels the same for you.

8. She allowed you to have an idea of ​​what it would be like if you were a mother

Growing up, you were the one in charge of taking care of her. You even saved half the chocolate bars so she could eat too. You helped her choose her clothes and sometimes she felt like she was your daughter.

9. The fun nights were waiting right next to her, with her

When you were bored, you only walked to her room to watch a movie or to invite her out to dinner. Your boring nights became nights alive thanks to her.

10. You had something to brag about without being hated for it

You posted all your achievements and pictures on Facebook and nobody hated you because it was your little sister.

11. You became stronger thanks to her

When her companions bothered her and she cried on the way back home, that made you angry. You learned to make it clear that nobody messes with your little sister. No one!

12. They are a team

They are a team for many projects, even against their parents when they are forbidden something they are determined to carry out. And like all teams, they have become angry with each other, but they know that it lasts only what is necessary.

13. You have someone who admires you

Your younger sister is your number 1 fan. Admire from the way you drive to the way you dress. She wants to be like you and supports you practically in everything you want to do.

14. Several times have drunk together

Although she prefers vodka and you prefer beer.

15. It is one of your group of friends

When your friends arrive at your house, they look for it; They even stay in their room. They consider it as part of the group.

16. You grew up and realized that no friendship is stronger than what you have

She knows what you like and what you do not. He was with you when you failed an exam and when you passed it too. When you had your first boyfriend and broke up with him. When your parents fought, when you were sick, when you graduated, when you got your first job.

As they grew up you realized that she is not just your sister, she is your soul mate.

17. You are who you are thanks to her

You are independent because you knew that she depended on you. You are strong because you knew that you had to be strong for her.

Jessie J's “little sister” in The Voice | Winner's Journey #17 (January 2021)