The 15 most famous fashionistas in the world of entertainment and fashion


Many of our outfits and part of our style, is influenced by some celebrities such as actresses, models, singers, among others; all have a unique style that makes them look dazzling on a red carpet and in their daily lives, even when going to the gym.

However, there are celebrities who usually stand out from the rest of the mortals they inhabit, because their fashion sense has transformed them into icons.

1. Gigi Hadid

Offstage she always prefers simple and easy dresses that she knows how to combine like no one else. But going through a red carpet dazzles anyone.

2. Blake Lively

She looks amazing in the cinema and in her daily life. Photographers and designers love it.

3. Lilly Collins

It is one of the best-dressed celebrities, its appearance and style complement the great outfits it carries, many of them taken directly from the catwalks of prestigious brands.

4. Rihanna

Not only is she one of the most popular singers, she is one of the most influential in the world of fashion. Use from dresses, skirts and outfits to extravagant pieces and accessories, without losing elegance.

5. Emma Watson

The actress was growing with each movie and managed to transform into a woman with a lot of style that sets a trend.

6. Keira Knightley

It has a style that identifies it. Classic and sophisticated, its beauty prevents it from looking bad.

7. Cara Delevingne

A successful model and actress with a brilliant sense of style.

8. Alexa Chung

The British model and driver has looks original, bold and innovative.

9. Diane Kruger

This German girl is one of the best dressed on the red carpet. Elegant, sophisticated and stylish.

10. Bella Hadid

The younger sister of Gigi and also model, has the gene of good taste by family inheritance.

11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

A beauty that dazzles anyone, accompanies his incredible figure with outfits Sophisticated and sensual.

12. Emma Roberts

His style never goes unnoticed, stands out in the world of fashion as a youthful influence.

13. Zendaya

This girl not only acts, dances, models and sings, she also has an impressive style, takes advantage of new trends and is not afraid to choose her outfits.

14. Amal Clooney

Not only is she the wife of George Clooney, she is also a human rights defender and has left a mark with her style.

15. Marion Cotillard

The French girl appears on each catwalk with details in perfect harmony.

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