The 15 best pledge photographs of 2017; they will remember you true love


Every day, photographers from around the world capture with their lens one of the most beautiful experiences for any girl: the day of their commitment. Thanks to this idea, the site Junebug Weddings has made a compilation with the best pictures of 2017 commitments.

This collection was chosen for the quality, beauty, excellence, technique and personality of each photograph. They integrate ideas so that amateur wedding photographers can acquire new techniques, while celebrating the true art of photography. Take a look at the images. Your work is impressive and beautiful.

1. Love is in the air

2. Our love is as strong as a winter

3. The secret is in being the best friends

4. Love does not distinguish genres

5. Take my hand and let's reach happiness!

6. Love is as infinite as the sea

7. Love can be very colorful

8. Commitment is a work of art

9. Absolute happiness

10. Let's be a couple of crazy lovers

11. The best kiss is the one that is given under the rain

12. Elegant love, perfect love

13. Sunsets are better if I'm with you

14. Confident love

15. Love is perfect

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