The 15 best engagement rings that have received the famous


For many people the engagement ring is the biggest promise that can be made to their partner. With him they commit themselves to be together for many years, they will be in the good and the bad and, whatever happens, they will take care of each other. However, for some famous engagement rings are just a trophy and a piece of jewelry that can be presumed.

For years the celebrities have competed to see who receives the most expensive and ostentatious diamond, regardless of whether the promise is broken a few months later. There are those who preserve them as a collection of all those who have received; others sell them to obtain a profit and finally there are those that return it to their ex-partner. Whatever the situation in which they have been seen, we collect the best celebrity engagement rings.

1. Elizabeth Taylor

Richard Burton proposed marriage to him with a ring of 33.19 carats, was valued at 8.8 million dollars.

2. Paris Hilton

His fiancé, Chris Zylka, asked him to marry a 20-carat teardrop diamond, which the jeweler Michael Grene designed only for the socialite. The price: two million dollars! Shortly, the businesswoman also liked to show off, as she broke her commitment in November 2018.

3. Kim Kardashian

The famous one has been married three times so she accumulates a large collection of rings. The one that Kris Humpries gave him was a diamond of 16.21 carats of two million dollars; After his divorce, the basketball player asked him to return the ring and then auctioned it for 620 thousand dollars. However, the most expensive is the one her current husband gave her: Kanye West put a 15-carat ring on her finger at an approximate cost of eight million dollars.

4. Jennifer Lopez

The singer has also received different rings. Marc Anthony gave him a piece of 8.5 carats, worth 4.1 million dollars. Recently the former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, gave him a 16-carat emerald diamond that costs 1.8 million dollars.

5. Ariana Grande

Pate Davidson was the boy who proposed to the singer with a pear-shaped three-carat diamond valued at $ 100,000. Unfortunately the commitment did not last long, because they broke four months after he proposed it.

6. Cardi B

The rapper received the proposal of marriage by the singer Offset. He handed her a teardrop-shaped ring that has a value of 500 thousand dollars.

7. Grace Kelly

Prince Rainier III of Monaco gave him a 10.47 carat ring to the actress and you will not believe what it cost: 4.6 million dollars!

8. Lady Gaga

The singer received a six-carat pink sapphire from Christian Carino. The jewel cost 500 thousand dollars and unfortunately it could not be accompanied by a wedding ring because they canceled their engagement.

9. Kate Middleton

He received from Prince William, when he proposed marriage, an 18-carat oval sapphire ring that is surrounded by 14 diamonds and that belonged to Princess Diana. The piece has an estimated value of 400 thousand dollars.

10. Blake Lively

Ryan Reynols proposed to the actress with a diamond of oval cut of 12 carats that cost him two million dollars.

11. Beyoncé

The singer proudly carries a beautiful 18-carat diamond that costs five million dollars.

12. Mariah Carey

James Packer gave him a 35 carat emerald cut diamond designed by the jeweler Wilfredo Rosado. It cost 10 million dollars and the commitment only lasted from January 2016 to October of the same year.

13. Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello proposed marriage to him with a diamond of seven carats of 500 thousand dollars.

14. Amal Clooney

Handsome actor George Clooney proposed to him with a diamond ethically extracted that cost him 8.5 million dollars. We do not really know what they are referring to that was extracted ethically, but perhaps it is a complicated and expensive process. Fortunately their marriage is strong as it continues since September 2014.

15. Natalie Portman

The actress has a diamond ring designed by jeweler Jamie Wolf that cost her now husband, Benjamin Millepied, the small amount of 200 thousand dollars.

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