The 10 BEST things about having a BABY? (and nobody tells you)


It's not just the fact that your genes will now go to the next generation, no, there are many and better reasons why it's good to have a baby.

1. You will always have an excuse

Now you have a baby by which you can miss any social event that you do not want to go. You can try with these excuses:

I'm sorry, I can not go with you tonight, he does not feel good and I would not be happy leaving him. Sorry, I can not go to see the photos of your vacation, I have to give the baby dinner and I do not want to break their schedules.

Once you've made sure your night is nice, put a movie on the DVD and relax.

2. Your child can fulfill your ambitions for you

You have contributed a grain of sand for the next generation: now it is your responsibility to live your dreams for you. Dreams like becoming a professional footballer, a famous singer or a dancer. Obviously, you will have to make things easier for her by buying her first soccer ball or taking them to singing or dancing classes. Wait to feel proud, because surely they will achieve it.

3. You can boast how happy your heart is

While it is not socially acceptable to show your own appearance, intelligence or skills, it is perfectly fine to show your child's intelligence and abilities.

If you feel a bit shy about telling everyone that your baby was the first to crawl in your group and therefore probably win a medal at the Olympics, just put it on your Facebook page. Your friends will surely be very impressed.

4. You can break the protocol

There's no need to fake interest the next time your mother-in-law gives you advice about parenting, just close your eyes and fall asleep. She will not be offended because she knows you've been doing things for the baby in the middle of the night but do not mention that the baby has started sleeping all night since a few weeks ago.

5. You can dress him up in ridiculous costumes, have a good time and laugh

One of the best things about having a baby is that you can dress him up with what you like and they can not do anything about it. Start with something simple like bubble hair when you're giving him a bath, put on some fashionable glasses and the game starts. While it is wrapped in something nice and warm, it does not matter if you have it dressed like a meerkat. Make sure you take lots of photos so you can continue laughing when you are older.

6. You get everything in a stroller

Another one of the best things about having a baby is that you put them in a little pussy. This is absolutely brilliant because besides putting the baby there, you can also put the rest of your belongings.

You will basically have it for years for when you do not want to load anything. You can even take your soda can, if you have the right model. You will use it for years, taking it for a walk even when your son is already walking, in case he gets a little tired.

Whatever you do, do not have a baby carrier: it will end up hidden in the trunk of the car, as well as all other accessories.

7. Your house becomes a store of medals and certificates

Maybe you've never won anything, not even a bottle of wine in a raffle. Maybe you never received your swimming certificate for competing in 25 meters or a diploma of a contest in the school. Well, do not worry, because that will change now that you have a baby at home.

Just sit back, relax and see how he gets certificates of what he achieved because he joined the library, the huge trophy he won in the sport he likes or the diploma because he painted a beautiful painting. The list goes on and on until they face their first challenges alone.

8. You can transmit family traditions

It is not just the old baptismal dress that has existed for three generations, or the second name of your son that you share with other family members; There are dozens of other traditions that you can pass on to your offspring. Simple traditions such as spitting on a tissue and using it to clean the spots on the baby's face.

9. You have a lot of free chocolate

It's very strange, but people really give kids huge Easter eggs and chocolates at Christmas. But since everyone knows how important it is to feed them five fruits and vegetables a day, and give them chocolate occasionally, like a good mother it's your turn to keep all those goodies out of reach. It will not take long for your child to forget all those unhealthy snacks, leaving you free to eat them.

10. You have made the most beautiful baby in the whole world

There will come a wonderful time when you realize that you have given birth to the most beautiful baby on the entire planet.And no, it's not just the hormones that make you feel that way, it's true! That is why you can not stop taking pictures of him or her every second of the day and show them to everyone so that they know him.

You're lucky!