That's how the Disney characters would be if they lived in the modern world


Have you ever wondered what the Disney characters would look like if they lived in our era? Maybe they would love tattoos or maybe they would be aware of their social networks.

Fortunately, there are people who also think about this type of situation and let their imagination fly to give us funny illustrations with our favorite characters. How are you 15 images in the world today.

1. Starbucks It would be your favorite place

2. They would probably work in some creative place

3. Or something that had to do with design and advertising

4. They would spend hours sending messages through Whatsapp

5. And they would be taken selfies at all times

6. That's how vacations would be with your best friends

7. Living as a couple would be easy for some

8. And others would be better singles

9. They would be known in bars and clubs

10. Some would put some art on their body

11. Even if it was too daring

12. For others, extreme sports would be simple

13. It would be like floating

14. Other couples would reinforce their love by exercising together

15. And a few would have fun with the filters Snapchat

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