Texas opens the first water park in the world for children with special needs


Water parks are the perfect place to cool off when the summer weather seems to be that of hell itself. However, these places are usually not very accessible for people suffering from a disability.

That is why a new water park designed for people with disabilities has been created. The park will open on June 17 in San Antonio, Texas, United States, and the best thing is that it has special wheelchairs for swimming pools.

An inclusive park

The acuatic Park Morgan Inspiration Island, was designed for people with different disabilities. It has six main attractions, including a boat trip on a small river and a large number of fountains with water cannons and rain curtains. The pools are more accessible, because they were created so that people with special needs can have more mobility with their support tools.

The park has revolutionary wheelchairs

The owners of the park worked together with the University of Pittsburgh to develop a wheelchair called PneuChair which is driven by compressed air instead of batteries, is inexpensive and very resistant to water.

The chairs are incredibly efficient, weigh 37 kilos, are loaded in just 10 minutes with air, compared to the eight hours it takes an electric wheelchair.

Visitors to the park can use them free of charge to avoid damaging their own.

With special technology

The park offers high technology, such as waterproof wristbands for children and people with disabilities who want to explore the park on their own, so parents can easily locate them without the help of staff.

Another feature of the park is the ability to change the temperature of the water, so that visitors with sensitivity to the cold can enjoy the attractions.

It also has private areas

They were created for people who feel easily overwhelmed with the crowd and noise, but of course, the main objective of the park is to ensure that families live a quiet experience.

Outside the traditional model

The creators of Morgan Inspiration Island they deviated from the traditional model of water parks to create a welcoming space for people with disabilities, even considered it the first inclusive water park. Gordon Hartman, founder of the park says:

Morgan Ispiration Island It will focus on inclusion, and on inspiring visitors to do things they previously could not do. Those who do not have disabilities and those who do have disabilities, including people in wheelchairs, people with hearing and visual disabilities, and even customers who wear artificial respirators, will all be able to live together and get a better appreciation among everyone.

Theme park caters to people with disabilities (January 2021)