Temporary tattoos with the face of your BFF; the greatest friendship test


Temporary tattoos are excellent for those who love the idea of ​​becoming one, but are not yet ready to commit to something permanent. They are so incredible that they are perfect for any occasion and are the ideal gift to show how much you appreciate someone.

Would not it be wonderful to be able to wear the face of your best friend everywhere? Well, now you can make it a reality thanks to the store on-line Esty and Lilimandrill, who offer personalized temporary tattoos that will show your best friend that you can not live without her.

The possibilities are endless

While they are perfect to share with your best friend, these tattoos can also be used for bridal showers, wedding reminders, birthday parties or even a Mother's Day gift.

In addition to choosing the photograph, you can add a name, hashtag, an important date or a meaningful little phrase the designs are infinite.

Made with the greatest delicacy

All tattoos are drawn by hand and in pencil, giving buyers a unique, precise and delicate work of art. Also, according to the website, they only last two to three days, so be sure to take the necessary number of photographs for your social networks.

Each set of tattoos is made to order, which means that the price is a little higher, since the designs are unique for each person.

There are always more options

In addition to these original tattoos, Etsy also has other ideas to give to your best friend, from personalized cups, bracelets, key rings and t-shirts. You know, there's no excuse for not thanking your friend for everything she does for you.

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