Teacher teaches a funny lesson about flatulence to her deaf students


Have you ever wondered what the day to day of people with disabilities is like: how do they perceive the world and how do they have to adapt? There are certain things that we take for granted when we have all our senses as, for example, when it comes to physiological needs.

We did not really think much about those things, but Anna Trupiano, an elementary teacher at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, had to explain to one of her deaf students that everyone could hear every time she gassed.

It all started when nature knocked on the door

Then the boy made a shameful discovery

And this gave rise to a very funny talk

We all wish life had a button mute

Although we do not want to admit it, flatulence is normal

A superpower that allows you to see those flatulence?

The innocence of children has no limits!

And people were delighted by the occurrences of the children

This user is absolutely right

And well, the truth is that all has happened to us

In the end, this teacher took the opportunity to remind us of the truly important part of all this

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