Taylor Swift premieres simple; it seems that someone has not forgotten the drama with his enemies


During the last few months, Taylor Swift has gone through very difficult times, first filed a lawsuit for harassment against the DJ David Muller, then deleted all the content of his Instagram account for fear of criticism and then began to publish small videos where a snake appears attacking.

Apparently everything was about a bad patch and the publications are due to the singer was about to release the video clip Look what you made me, first single of your new album Reputation, which will be released on November 10th.

Taylor said goodbye to optimistic songs

Since its inception Taylor has shown a great evolution that has led her to become the diva of pop. Your successful album 1989, published in 2014, led her to win the Grammy for the best album of the year.

But now his new song makes a clear reference to all the drama he has been living in the last three years. There's even a part where she says: old Taylor can not come to the phone now, why? Because she is dead.

After a week of clues, here is the video

The song is titled Look what you made me do (Look what you made me do), and some media, such as the magazine People, they mention that she refers to her confrontations against Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West and her worst enemy Katy Perry.

Coincidence or strategy, we still do not know, because Taylor's song premiered one day after Katy Perry released the video clip of your song Swish Swish, which is also a message for Swift, because during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Perry mentioned that it is a hymn for people to use when someone wants to diminish or criticize you.

This is how the fans of Taylor

It sounds familiar to you, right? Taylor's new song sounds exactly like the story of Pretty Little Liars, where A is always on the lookout, even if the rest of the world thinks she is dead.

This is the message Taylor has for rapper Kanye West

It's no secret that Taylor and Kanye have had a very unstable relationship. During the acceptance speech for the video award of the year at MTV 2009, the rapper made fun of Taylor. Then she called Kim Kardashian to complain about the lyrics of the song Famous, where her husband says: I made that famous bitch.

In his new song, Taylor mentions that he does not like slanted scenarios, referring to Show of West.

This is the evolution in the life of Taylor Swift

We hope that his next album is entitled: Reviví

Everything indicates that Taylor is the new Regina

He has thrown a bomb and he just hopes that everyone loses his head to be the queen bee of the pop.

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