Tattooist father organizes tattoo expo to pay for his daughter's operation


Francisco is a tattoo artist in one of Mexico's cities, he is the father of Naydelin, a six-year-old girl, and now offers his work as a tattoo artist. Yours may seem like a common story, but it is not

Francisco Liera Mayoral, originally from Pachuca, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, shared a publication through social networks asking for help to raise funds. It was last Wednesday May 1 when his post went viral on Facebook, and he talks about Naydelin, who after a fall in school was reviewed by doctors who discovered, by means of a tomography, that he has a brain tumor.

On Good Friday my daughter lost her sight in her right eye, which was diverted, so we ran to the Children's Hospital of DIF, where they valued her but they charged me 600 pesos a day and a thousand 800 the tomography and I did not have that money .

Although the six-year-old has taken this situation with maturity and keeps repeating, I will be fine and I will be able to continue playing, her father will not rest until finding the solution, since the cost of the surgical intervention is more than 90 thousand pesos , so he offers his work as a tattoo artist.

After I was out of work driving a trailer because I had to take my daughter to the consultations and review, I decided to dedicate myself to something that I love that tattoos are and I requested support in social networks, and the answer was there.

Designs under 15 cm are in promotion, only 300 pesos, according to Millennium, and fortunately, the money collection process has already started. A group of 12 Hidalgo tattoo artists located him to join the cause, and therefore an Expo Tattoo will be held on June 1.

Although the place of the event has not yet been specified, it is clear that they will donate part of the funds to the operation that Naydelin requires to continue his dreams.

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