Take eggs and yogurt to kindergarten in secret to share with your friend who does not eat breakfast


A moving story that shows that innocence and the heart of a child have no limits is monopolizing attention in social networks. The protagonist is a small boy who attends a kindergarten located in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico.

He, like every day, was ready to start his routine by getting ready to go to school; her sister decided to carry the boy's backpack while he got into the car, but he realized that he was heavier than usual.

When he opened it he noticed that there were eggs and yogurt inside, so he questioned his brother for the reason that he was carrying those hidden foods. After being silent for a moment (for fear of being scolded), the child replied that a friend from his kindergarten never brings food and that is why he decided to take him a little so that he could enjoy a meal. lunch.

Upon hearing this, the sister decided that this action deserved to be told, so she did not hesitate to post it on her Facebook account so that the world would know about the nobility of her brother.

The reason why the other child does not take food to kindergarten is unknown - either because of lack of resources or because the parents do not have time to feed him. Figures from the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval) state that poverty in Mexico is the main cause of school dropout.

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