Superpapa single adopts his fifth disabled son


Ben Carpenter is a man for whom we should especially celebrate this Father's Day. He is a 35-year-old single and single male who has recently adopted his fifth child and, like the others, is a child with a disability.

As a superpap family and friends define Ben, who at age 21 decided he wanted to adopt; Today, 10 years later, she has completed the procedures to incorporate Noah, her fifth child into the family, and does not rule out adopting more.

This special dad, whose short-term plans are not a relationship, works in a school for children and adults with disabilities and it was there that he knew that the right thing for me was to adopt a child with a disability, since he could take care of He appropriately, he points out.

Jack, with autism; Ruby, with Pierre Robin syndrome and limited use of her arms due to lack of bones; Lily, with deafness, and Joseph, with Down syndrome, are the now brothers of Noah, who suffers from a genetic condition known as Cornelia de Lange syndrome.

Carpenter knows that he has no physical impediments to being a biological father, but the option to adopt was chosen: they may not have the same blood, but who cares, he said.

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