Study reveals that sleeping little affects your relationships; Take a nap before breaking!


If you and your partner have problems and even though you analyze the situation, you do not understand what is causing the conflicts, they probably happen because either of them has not rested properly.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association and published by Phychology Today He determined that people who do not rest satisfactorily are more likely to get along with their partner.

Sleeping well makes you happier

The researchers gathered 70 newly married heterosexual couples and applied a questionnaire asking them to describe how many hours of sleep they had and how good it was.

In the exam they also had to answer questions about their satisfaction in six different aspects of the relationship: conflict resolution, affection, formality, sex, housework and external social relations.

Relationships work better after a good rest

The couples completely ignored the aspect that the psychologists wanted to prove. When they saw the results of the questionnaires, the experts discovered that people who slept more were happier in their relationships in general.

Those who slept well were more likely to respond that they were satisfied with their relationship, even though something negative happened to their wives on that day.

Not sleeping is negative for the couple

The authors of the study explained that sleep is the key to keeping our brains healthy and that they can regulate the positive and negative feelings we experience during the day in an appropriate way. Sleep also helps to shift concentration toward more positive than negative thoughts.

This means that if the brain is not getting enough sleep, the ability to overcome the negative begins to decrease, affecting the relationship permanently.

Sleep well and then discuss

So if you've had a bad night, it's best to avoid arguing with your partner. Take some time to breathe, rest comfortably and then analyze the situation. It is the most recommended.

How Couples Sleep Together | Cut (September 2022)