Study reveals that it is the ovule that chooses the sperm and not the other way around


The female gender wins. For a long time it has been said that when a sperm conquers the ovum it is a career and the fastest is the one that fecundates, but it is not like that. The recent study of Dr. Joseph H. Nadeau shows that it is the ovule that selects the sperm.

The scientist Nadeau bases a hypothesis in which the ovum most likely chooses the sperm due to the metabolism of folic acid, which forms signaling molecules between these two. It is only a hypothesis, but the investigations continue, although the possibility that it can be positive is not ruled out. Both Nadeau and other biologists and evolutionists continue to extract the threads and myths that have long persisted.

He affirms that the race that the sperm take is already decided, it is already known which will be the one that fecundates, since the ovule favors or discards the sperm. This is what he calls genetically biased fertilization.

For the above, laboratory mice were studied to corroborate whether Mendel's laws are feasible according to recent investigations that had been made. The scientist put together a group of male and two female mice, both with normal genes and prone to testicular cancer.

The result was that in the first litters the offspring had random genes, all in accordance with Mendel's laws, some of them prone to develop cancer and others not, so Nadeau affirmed that healthy females crossed with males carrying the gene carcinogenic.

Researchers from the United Kingdom and Japan, based on the research, found that the movements performed by the sperm in the head and tail have patterns very similar to the fields that form in the magnets, and as a consequence these are propelled towards the ovule with the help of sperm. The ovule has much more power in reproductive processes, since it has the complete ability to selectively discriminate a certain type of sperm.

Fertilization (April 2021)