Study confirms that eating tacos is healthier than a granola bar


Tacos are a sacred food for Mexicans. Inside a tortilla of corn it fits all kinds of ingredients: barbecue, carnitas (pork), chicken, tinga de res, fish, ribs Anyway. In addition, you can prepare them accompanied by chopped vegetables and a rich sauce.

For a long time this delicious dish was demonized as unhealthy and having a lot of fat, but a group of students from the Department of Chemical, Food and Environmental Engineering of the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico, undertook the task of investigating the components of this tasty food and the results are truly amazing.

The title of his research was: Tacos al Pastor and Cochinita Pibil Flutes Do you know what you eat? An order of five tacos al pastor was taken with onion, cilantro, pineapple, taquera sauce and lemon, and cochinita pibil flutes with cream, cheese, red onion and sauce.

The conclusions reached by the students of the UDLAP were that the tacos al pastor and the flutes de cochinita pibil are not bad foods, in fact, it would be more advisable to order five tacos to the shepherd or a pair of cochinita flutes than others foods such as donuts, horns, fries and even some fiber bars, since their level of fat (11.92 percent and 11.50, respectively) is lower than that they get to record food with flours and sugars, between 20 and 30 percent of fat.

In other words, nutritionally speaking, a taco is a much more complete food than a granola bar. According to Plate of Good Eating, we can consider that a food or a food is complete when it includes at least a portion of each of the three groups that comprise it: fruits and vegetables, cereals and proteins, whether of animal or vegetable origin.

A taco includes the three groups: tortilla (cereal), some type of meat (protein) and salsa, pineapple, onions, cilantro (fruit and vegetables). A granola bar consists almost exclusively of cereals, such as oats, amaranth, wheat, if any, some raisins and almonds (which proportionally have more fat than protein), not counting the large amounts of sugar added in the form of honey.

Certainly, they have a bad reputation, so for that you have to know how to ask:

  • Never with double omelet and much less fried. If you want to be more low-carb, prepare them with lettuce leaves instead of tortillas, and you'll see how rich you are.
  • The type of protein is crucial so that calories do not go to the sky. Ask for lean meat, such as steak or flank steak or, plainly, chicken, panela or even fish.
  • Add all the vegetables you want: nopales, mushrooms, cilantro and, if you're not going to kiss anyone, onion.

So the next time someone invites you to dinner an order of tacos, do not think so much about diet, because apart from being delicious they will not make you as fat as you thought.

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