Studies show that not having sex makes you fat


Much has been said of the benefits not only physical but also psychological and psychic that derive from having healthy and frequent sexual relationships. But today, following a study conducted by the Sexual Health group of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN), it was concluded that not having sex is fattening!

Basically what happens in the organism when sexual relations are held is the release of hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins, which reduce pain, give a sense of well-being and combat stress.

On the contrary, the lack of sexual activity lowers self-esteem, which leads the person to eat more and of lower quality -no care of self-care-, to exercise less and, therefore, to gain weight.

It is a vicious circle since, according to an evaluation made by several researchers of the Duke University Medical Center, there is a direct association between obesity and erectile dysfunction; the same happens with female sexual dysfunction when high levels of body mass occur.

How Testosterone Affects Fat Loss: Real Science of Low-T | Thomas DeLauer (April 2021)