Students create a straw to detect drugs; would help prevent violations


Rape is a crime that can generate various traumas for the victim, but beyond that, it is worrisome that according to the UN, one out of every three women is a victim of physical or sexual violence. That's why three high school students in Miami, Florida, have created a straw that can help prevent.

Carolina Baigorri, Victoria Roca and Susana Cappello, who attend the Gulliver Institute, developed this valuable and useful object for those women who go to bars and ask for prepared beverages, since the straw detects the presence of drugs that cause the loss of consciousness.

I could avoid many cases

Upon contact with the drink, the straw will immediately reveal if it contains any type of narcotic, as it will turn navy blue:

Being young women, I feel that this is a problem that we hear a lot, especially when we get to high school.

The tools of an abuser

Among the most used narcotics are ketamine and liquid ecstasy, tranquilizers ten times stronger than valium, so its effect makes anyone who consumes them victims unable to resist.

We know that it is not a solution because it can not end the violation, but we hope to reduce the number of violations and dangerous situations in which you could be through drugs.

The patent is in process

The prototype they created is in the process of being patented and its creators hope that it will soon be in the market and used in bars, clubs and restaurants.

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