Student proudly shows her alopecia in her graduation photos


Beauty is very relative: what for some is beautiful for others is strange, but in the end, who is right, who decides what is beautiful and what is not? We are imposed to standards that the big fashion industry has created over the years, but that has to end and it is better to start doing it now, just like this girl that you will see below.

Patricia Apuli Banzuela is a student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who is inspiring hundreds of social network users thanks to her courage, and she shared the images of her graduation, which are not the classic ones in which she presumes a diploma she showed proudly his alopecia.

A fact that moved thousands

Since she was very young her parents discovered that she suffered alopecia, so for years she has resorted to the use of wigs to hide her baldness, she even suffered bullying on the part of his companions. However, the day of his graduation he decided it would be different and he saw an opportunity to send a special message to people who are going through a similar or difficult situation to be different.

In his publication you could see how happy and proud he was of sharing his way of life with everyone. This was the inspiring message he sent:

Be inspiring Disability is not a barrier to not being able to finish school.

Besides being an inspiration, he works for his dreams

He is about to graduate from the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing, but he is also a volunteer student in the scholarship office of the university.

Despite having been intimidated at school, Banzuela did not stop and fought for her goals and reminded us that the physical and beauty are in the mind and that we all decide if we want to look beautiful in front of the mirror and not because society impose

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