Stop LEAVING who you DO NOT HAVE FUTURE just because you think it's in your best interest


Relationships are full of uncertainty. Even when two people are comfortable with each other, the fact is that there is always a possibility that it can not work. This is not a reason to stop having appointments or stop trying to make things work. On the contrary, it is with experience that we find how to make an important relationship for us successful.

Statistically speaking, there is always a possibility that the relationship goes directly to failure. The trick is to discover in time where the courtship is going. This is not easy, since knowing a person takes time.

On average, it takes about two years, which is what the period known as honeymoon lasts, and then start to see the other person's faults. It's not that the defects were not there from the beginning, it's just that you did not pay attention to them, and most likely they were well hidden. You lost yourself in the tide of love and now it is when you have put your feet on the ground.

No matter how long it takes you to understand exactly who you are with and what you are going to face, wait. Although, to be honest, it should not take long. After about three months of having a serious relationship with him or her, you can know whether or not you could see that person's face every morning from now on and forever.

This does not mean that within three months you have the assurance that you want to marry someone, but you will undoubtedly have an idea of ​​whether this person may or may not be the one. At the very least, you should be able to admit and accept, when the facts show, that the relationship will definitely never work.

Love in its early stages can only be described as ecstasy. There is nothing that can replace it, and it is an experience that is not easily forgotten. The problem is that love is not rational although it is not totally irrational, because nothing is.

When we fall in love we do not just see the person in front of us, but we see what that person means to us. We give him an extra dose of greatness and make him or her look better than he really is. Your partner is simply a person, a person you love, but in the end a human being like any other. It has defects, habits and personal problems. We all have them. But when we fall in love we ignore all these truths and usually choose to ignore everything bad.

As time goes by, reality reaches us, and the perfect version we had of our lover begins to fade. Stop being magnificent, so to speak. Our partner becomes less romantic and more human. If you are considering spending the rest of your life with him or her, then you must accept the fact that that person comes with a baggage load, as well as many unpleasant problems and habits, like everyone else.

It is very important that you do not overlook the things that bother you, because you only have three options: your partner changes his way of acting if you tell him what you do not like, learn to deal with him or her, or finish everything. When a couple is in love, both lower their guard and are willing to be more open to each other: that is when you begin to really know the person next to you. The question is whether or not you can live with what you learn. The truth is that relationships are a commitment. So, what is the secret to know if a relationship will work or not? Be able and be willing to reach an agreement.

And, of course, love. But love itself is not capable of keeping two people together, unfortunately. That is what everyone believes. The blame, to a large extent, has the movies, all those and they were happy forever, the cartoons of Disney and the romantic comedies. Either way, do not wait for the perfect man or woman to arrive, because they do not exist. You can, on the other hand, find someone you love as is, and vice versa. And be happy.

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