Stop everything! Beyoncé and Jay Z will be together again on an Ã? PICO tour


After the deception, the reconciliation and the birth of their children, Jay-Z and Beyoncé became one of the most popular couples of recent times; very rarely have they been seen together, but recently Queen B He shared a story that will definitely brighten the hearts of all those who follow closely the love story of these singers.

Beyoncé posted three stunning black and white images with the word OTR II on her Instagram account. You know what it means? What is official, yes, the tour of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, On The Run 2 It will happen, and sooner than expected.

Since 2014 we did not see the singers together

The couple's first joint OTR tour took place in 2014, but rumors have emerged weeks ago that they would be back on stage. Ticketmaster and the page of Beyoncé accidentally published an announcement of the new tour, soon they realized the error and erased it. But of course they were not fast enough, because the fans started investigating.

The queen was in charge of confirming the tour

Although Billboard had confirmed that the tour was going to be postponed for a couple of months, Beyoncé finally confirmed that this would happen sooner than expected. Tickets will be sold starting March 16, so fans have to prepare.

The news drove the Twitter users crazy

Judging by the reactions of Twitter, the fans of Beyoncé and Jay-Z are very excited.

While others are remembering that the economy is not so good

Because the last time they showed up on a tour together, the tickets were the most expensive in the entire United States.

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