Spending a lot of time sitting can cause death


There are jobs in which it is required to spend most of the time sitting and, why not, there are also people who are happy to spend hours in video games or in front of the computer for long periods.

According to a study from the University of Leicester, in England, this increases the risk of suffering from diseases ranging from heart disease, chronic-degenerative and even death.

The report details that an average adult spends between 50 and 70 percent of their time sitting, so that exceeding this percentage there is a possibility that complications are present, mainly with the onset of diabetes mellitus, a condition that occupies the first place as cause of death in Mexican women and the second as men, as mentioned by the National Institute of Public Health.

Another study that supports this theory was made by researchers from the University of Columbia, USA. UU., Who placed activity monitors in the hip of 7 thousand 985 people over 45 years.

The research showed that those who spent more than 13 hours sitting and had pauses of 60 to 90 minutes in a row, reflected twice the risk of death than those who had mobility every half hour.

The sedentary lifestyle has other negative consequences, in addition to those mentioned, such as weight gain, poor posture and metabolism. The main sectors prone to this are students, housewives and retirees.

Therefore, an exhortation was made that every 30 minutes some movement activity be done to avoid negative effects.

If you work most of your time in an office, move from at least one area to another so that your circulation is stable. If you belong to the group that has the facility to perform some physical activity, do not hesitate, take care of your health.

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