Spanking may cause depression and mental disorders in children

Although currently educate with the help of known spanking It is a practice that is less and less used, it is important to know that there are studies that have shown that children subjected to this abuse can present mental disorders in the future.

According to the conclusions of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, in the United States, aimed at analyzing the deterioration of mental health in adults, linked to the spankingwhips or educational slap, as it is usually called, causes in the least fear, confusion and threat, which has psychological consequences that can range from depression, through greater proclivity to consume alcohol or drugs, to suicidal attempts.

On the other hand, the analysis establishes that there is no evidence that spanking improves the learning or development of children. And although they have not been approved as an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE, for its acronym in English), the document ensures that spanking has an important correlation with other factors of physical or emotional abuse that generate problems in the mental health of children. Adults.

It should be noted that the reference study reported that about 55 percent of the participants (8,300 adults between 19 and 97 years old) received claps during their childhood, being in this group greater tendency to depression and other mental disorders.

Therefore, more than a way to discipline children or correct a behavior, spanking or spanking represents an aggression that could cause profound damage to the way in which the child will appreciate the world or to develop in life.

In addition, parents who use this resource in order to control their children should know that an additional dangerous consequence was found by their application: children will be more likely to be physically abused by other people, since lashes are associated also with the risk of receiving other types of abuse such as psychological aggression, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abandonment.

When Kids Are Fighting Both Mental and Physical Illness (April 2021)