Sophie Turner talks about how her love life was before Joe Jonas


While many of us look forward to one of the best series of the moment (game of Thrones) comes to an end, the talented Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, one of our favorite characters, never ceases to amaze us.

And is that in addition to being at its best, the premiere of his new tape is coming Dark Phoenix, of the saga X Men, and her wedding with her fiancé Joe Jonas is also approaching. However, this not all

In an interview with the magazine Rolling Stone (in which she shares the cover with her companion and friend Maisie Williams), she spoke about great moments of her life, her commitment and her work, but what has attracted the attention of the whole world was that she spoke openly of her love experiences with women .

Sophie, bisexual?

It all started when Sophie did not hesitate to express her passionate love for Joe Jonas, saying:

Before committing myself to Joe, I was preparing to be a single woman for the rest of my life. But when you find the right person you just know who you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

She said she feels much more mature than she seems, because she has lived long enough to know that she is in love with her fiancé. However, what caused controversy is that Turner, while expressing his great love for Jonas, confessed to having dated girls before meeting him. The actress said she had met enough men and women to know that she loved Joe; when asked: girls? , she answered:

To mature you have to experiment a lot. Everyone should do it. In addition, I fall in love with souls not of a specific gender.

That caused a great debate about his sexuality among people. But whatever his past, it seems that he will have a perfect future with the singer.

The Stark sisters

Leaving the controversy behind, he also spoke of the wonderful experience that was to meet and grow with his close friend. They met on the set of the series when Turner was only 13 years old and Williams 12.

We were practically the best friends from that moment.

From there fraternal love seems never to have left, because until now they are inseparable from each other.

Turner feels Stark

The actress also shared that she feels very identified with Sansa Stark, considers her more than a character and recognizes that she is more part of her than we imagined:

There's a big part of Sansa in me. I'm happy because it finally has its own power.

It seems that almost nothing is missing to know what he said. Did he give us a spoiler?

Sophie Turner Shares Her & Joe Jonas' Sweet Love Story | E! News (April 2021)