Son: You will not REMEMBER this, but I do


A mother is the person who knows us from the very beginning; from the moment of our birth. His love demands nothing in return, and in his memory perhaps in a diary or a notebook will be kept important moments that he will always remember, even when we have forgotten them.

When I was in labor, whispering to you: we can do this

When you looked at me for the first time and made my heart stop

The way you healed my broken spirit and turned my heart strong

When I was proud to see you playing with other children

When you made me laugh with your thanks

The way you looked at me when you were so small

Your endless attacks of laughter because of the tickling

When I was next to your crib every night and I was scared to know if I was doing it right

That feeling in my heart every time I saw that you were bigger and more independent

When I hugged you thinking about how fast you grew and how big you would get

This and much more you will not remember, but I do; and I'm going to keep those memories in my heart for both of us

Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way ( Lyrics Video ) (January 2021)