Someone see me as Gal Gadot to Chris Pine; the meme that we would all dedicate to our crush


Wonder Woman is the movie that is sweeping the box office and with the hearts of fans of superheroes. Its protagonist, the Israeli actress Gal Gadot has fallen in love with more than one, not only for its impressive physical beauty, but also for its personality. Gadot is smiling, cheerful and simple; in recent interviews he has been seen full and happy for his success Or at least that seemed until someone noticed the possible real reason for his long smile: Chris Pine.

His co-star in the action movie is, possibly, the reason for all the sighs and laughter of Gal Gadot, and that the tests are, by far, overwhelming. This pair has a platonic love, is reciprocal, is forbidden, and is basically, too logical: both are so beautiful and seem made for each other. Internet fantasizes about the idea of ​​Gadot and Pine together in a fairytale ending.

It all started with this video

Under the title Stay with the one who looks at you as Gal Gadot looks at Chris Pine, the video compilation created by a Facebook humor page, has made the Israeli actress's looks look like the handsome one from Pine. Would you blame her? Never! Chris deserves all the looks of love.

And not only the girls agree with Gal Gadot

Both actors are too beautiful, how to avoid those flirtatious looks?

The whole world is confused by this fusion of beauty

In general, seeing them together is something to admire.

Officially, Gal Gadot's look is already a meme

We have all been Wonder Woman looking at his Steven Trevor.

(Insert heart emoji here)

And just when we thought that this platonic love could not be better, Chris Pine winked in the most beautiful and sexiest way to Gal Gadot and killed the love of the Internet.

You are married dad Gal Gadot, remember it

Happily, auch!

Internet needs Gal Gadot to be single

Pity that Gadot is already married and has a child with her husband. (A minute of silence for this impossible love)

Hello and goodbye love Gadot + Pine

We will never forget it.