Someone discovered that women have a mole on their wrist; Twitter went crazy


Have you ever wondered why your body has moles, those little spots that come from birth? When the baby is being formed, the melanin-producing cells spread through the skin evenly until these marks appear. It sounds interesting, but even more so this recent theory that emerged among social network users.

Aaryn Whitley posted photos of her hand and some friends on Twitter to show that all women have a mole in the center of the wrist. Thousands replied to the publication and apparently he is right. So it's time to start checking your hands.

The mole may be on the right arm or the left arm

Many women commented on the publication and had the mole in the same place, but others had it on the opposite arm, closer or a little farther, but there it was.

It's not to alarm you, but you have to check your hand

Up to now the tweet has had more than 20 thousand shared and 50 thousand I like, and the comments did not stop; even some girls shared photos of their moles.

People were surprised by the discovery

He was always there, but he had not noticed it because of his watch or maybe because nobody had taken the time to check that we have the same mole

There were girls who discovered that there was not one, but many

A really interesting theory.

Girls are going crazy with this trend

And they do not stop sharing photos of their dolls.

But why do we all have a similar mole?

Well, in reality there is still no logical explanation. It is a great mystery that we hope that science will solve.

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