Sologamia, the new trend to marry the most important person: you


There is no doubt, the only person you will spend the rest of your life with is you, that is why it is important that you know and love each other. That's what many women around the world are doing, loving each other to such a degree that they have decided to marry themselves.

The sologamia It is a trend in which women who are over 30 and have not found a sentimental partner, decide to marry themselves, in an ostentatious ceremony: dress, candles, dinner and of course, family and friends.

It is a good option for those who do not want to suffer with a bad relationship

Sologamy exists with the intention of avoiding the use of the term spinster to describe someone older than 30 years and who has no partner; instead, propose to change it soloist.

Several publications and researchers support the subject in question, such as the professor at the University of New York, Erik Klinenberg, author of the book Going Solo: the extraordinary growth and the surprising attraction of those who live alone.

The reality is that people who live alone tend to socialize and spend more time with other people, than those who got married.

The case of a celebrity who prefers single

What happens to the ring? It's symbolic, I'm committed to myself and my own happiness. I'm married to me Girls, love yourself.

The veteran model of El Secreto de Victoria, Adriana Lima, shocked the world after attending the Grand Prix of Formula 1 of Monaco wearing a dazzling diamond ring. Rumors quickly circulated of a possible commitment that she herself undertook to deny through her Instagram account.

He also sent a message to all the women, making it clear that it is not necessary to be committed to someone to be a full woman.

She preferred to be alone

Although many people consider it crazy, it is a decision taken by women like Erika Anderson, who at 37 was tired of people asking her why she was still single.

I would describe it as women saying yes to themselves. It means that we are self-sufficient despite not being with another person.

It is a moment of reflection and self-knowledge

Another case is that of the British photographer Grace Gelder, a tireless traveler who discovered who she was, what she really wanted and how much she loved herself; so, inspired by a Björk song that she listened to when she was 18, she says: My name is Isabel, married to myself (my name is Isabel, married to myself), and supported by her family, she invited her friends and He married her.

The cases have been presented in many countries

In 1957, a study by the University of Michigan revealed that 80 percent of the people surveyed considered those individuals who preferred to live alone as immoral or that they had some disease. Fortunately, that thought has changed. Now, research shows that singleness has positioned itself as normal in modern Western culture and single people enjoy greater acceptance of the people around them.

Another author who supports sologamia is Sasha Cagen, a businesswoman who has written self-help books as Quirkyalone: ​​a manifesto for romantics without commitment. The idea of ​​writing about that topic came up during the 1999 New Year's dinner, when Cagen had no one to kiss at midnight. Then she defined herself as:

A person who enjoys being single or spending time alone and therefore prefers to wait for the right person before leaving on appointment all the time.

If they wish, it is not forever

There are several companies dedicated to providing services for solitary weddings, such as the businessman Jeffrey Levin, who has created I Married Me, where people can self-give themselves engagement rings or send motivational letters.

However, those women who have decided to marry themselves do not have to stay single forever, they simply do it to show the world that they do not need a partner and prefer to wait until the indicated one arrives, without wasting time, loving and consenting themselves .

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