Social experiment: this is how men react when women accept their compliments

Social worker, author and activist Feminist Jones devised the most brilliant way to annoy men: she realized that every time a man gave her a compliment and she answered saying thank you with a serious gesture instead of using a flirtatious tone , most of the men were uncomfortable.

Jones states that accepting his compliments in a way that they do not expect annoys them. They give you the compliment and do not expect a positive response; It is generally thought that a woman who accepts to be adulated or flatters herself, is self-centered and lacks humility, something that is completely false. Jones' tweets turned viral and thousands of girls began to do the same, and now they share their experiences.

She is Feminist Jones

The brightest way to bother men

Some girls started tweeting their comments

This is how the kids react

Another example

It definitely bothers them

In conclusion

So the next time you feel uncomfortable with a stalker or fanatic of yours, you can answer Thank you to the compliments that you make and the boy will surely stop bothering you.

Women Reacting To Genuine Compliments (Social Experiment) (January 2021)