So much was his joy to become parents who celebrated him like this


Not all people have the happiness of forming a family naturally and that is why they resort to adoption. When that happens, not only do they feel happy, but also the little ones who will finally be able to belong to a home in which they will feel loved and protected.

Unfortunately, some adoption processes are so slow and tedious that parents end up giving up their dream of having a child. But there are also those who persevere and in the end achieve their goal, like these parents. Recently Internet users were excited when they learned the story of Gregg and Paul, two new parents who shared on social networks an adorable image of the moment they adopted their first child.

It was not easy, but they managed to fulfill their dream

Paul and Gregg couple who adopted a child, celebrating adoption with lion king shirts that say "today I became a dad"

During an interview for the Boredpanda site, the couple talked about the obstacles they had to face before they could become parents. After living a couple of years together, they realized that they were anxious with all their heart to become parents. His first option was to hire a womb to be able to raise the baby from birth and, in addition, had physical features similar to theirs, but it was a very high price they had to pay. Then they thought about adoption and started with paperwork.

They had to take classes to become parents

In Rhode Island, where they currently live, they were creating a program called Fast Forward for people who wanted to adopt and streamline the whole process. The program required them to take classes to learn about parenting, so they attended six hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for a whole month. They learned about state laws, family structures, supports and everything related to paternity and then they chose a parenting agency that would help them if they had any questions.

Choosing a small one was not easy

The agency selected five children for them who, according to their information, were the most suitable to live with the couple.

We feel surreal when faced with choosing a child as if it were a dog or a cat. It was disturbing to think that this is how it works.

Finally there was a boy who conquered his heart

The first child they spoke to was called Gavin, a sweet and cute child, but who had suffered abuse; In addition, it has different types of disorders and attention deficits. There was something in the story of the child's life that immediately captivated them, since they knew him they did not stop thinking and without hesitation they chose him.

Along with the adoption papers, the celebrations also arrived

Paul and Gregg were surprised when the program accepted their application and they were granted the dream of becoming a parent:

When we got the news we were surprised, in love and proud. We made the shirts that we thought would be the sweetest and funniest. We had several family and friends who showed up to meet Gavin. Never in a million years would we have thought that we would have the happiness of so many people congratulating us for adoption beyond our circle of friends. We have also been told hurtful words, but frankly it is not worth repeating them. We are happy.

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