Smiling depression: the most dangerous of all


It has always been known that a smiling person is someone happy, able to maximize their performance, however, not everything they say is true. Currently studies have been conducted that suggest otherwise.

The smiling depression It is very difficult to notice because those who suffer from it show signs of happiness and their personality is generally extroverted, joking and energetic; He is someone attentive to others and shows affection and solidarity.

An article published in The Conversation It states that the depression of smiling depression reflects characteristics of joy, but the individual feels an emotional vacuum inside and tries to compensate the feelings in front of everyone, although alone he suffers depression.

Statistics indicate that the condition is increasingly well known, although there is controversy as to whether it is real or not. Experts call it atypical depression well, unlike those that are already known, this does not reflect exhaustion or sedentary lifestyle. Individuals who were previously excited to perform an activity now reject the idea, lose interest or have a low mood; In addition, his vulnerability to suicide is higher.

To detect this disorder you should evaluate beyond your lifestyle, as you can receive good news from your friends, an increase in work and have a stable relationship with your family and even have pleasant conversations with strangers, which by moment will elevate your emotions to a positive level; however, after the emotion passes, the depression will return.

Approximately one in 10 people suffers from depression and between 15 and 40 percent relapses into atypical depression. It starts at an early age, so it can last a long time if you do not opt ​​for suicide. Meditation and physical activity are advised to put aside the thoughts of wanting to end life.

Some symptoms that indicate that you might suffer atypical depression:

  • Eat excessively
  • Feeling of heaviness in arms and legs
  • Sleeping too many hours
  • Feeling hurt by criticism
  • Vulnerability

The discouragement of a depressed person is expressed in different ways: difficulty in overcoming a situation, predisposition to failure, thinking of negative actions or failed results and no one is exempt.

What is smiling depression and what makes it dangerous? (April 2021)