Small with cerebral PARALYSIS reaches the META without his walker after finishing a triathlon


This is the incredible moment when a child with cerebral palsy sets aside his walker, with whom he helps himself to walk, to cross the finish line of an exhausting triathlon.

Bailey Matthews is an 8-year-old boy from Nottinghamshire, England, who made the decision to participate in the triathlon held in North Yorkshire. The special thing about this story is that Bailey is not a normal child. He was born 9 weeks early and from 18 months was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which causes problems of coordination and mobility. So, to help you walk, you have to use a bulky walker.

Slow, but with firm step, Bailey reached the final stretch of the triathlon. At that moment he did something that transformed the event into something magical: he released his walker and decided to cross the finish line on his own foot. Despite falling repeatedly, he rose steadily again and again, until he achieved his goal: to cross the finish line.

Bailey did not receive any kind of help or special treatment from the organizers during the race. He only counted on the company of his father, who stayed at his side through the 100 meters of swimming, the 4 kilometers by bicycle and the race of 1,300 meters he toured.

At the finish his mother and his little brother were waiting for him with open arms. And also a medal made especially for him, in recognition of having finished the competition and his decision and will to overcome everything.

His mother, Julie Hardcastle, said:

You can see in his face when he arrived and saw everyone, that this was his way to finish with style and show everyone what he was capable of doing. It was the response to the crowd that pushed him to do it.

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