Sleeping with the fan on can pose a health risk


The heat has already arrived and with it also the desire to take it away at any cost, at work, at school, wherever. But what happens when there is no natural ventilation or air conditioning? Well, the first thing we turn to is the fan. However, the truth is that turning the fan on only throws hot air. In most cases it is, but it is much more serious than that.

At night, while resting, you can wake up constantly because the sultry heat makes it impossible to fall asleep, so the most common thing is for the fan to go straight to the face, but that can cause big problems.

Fernando Donaires, infectious disease physician of the National Institute of Health of Peru, says and affirms that having good ventilation in the home is essential, but the use of devices such as the ventilator and air conditioning are not the best option, as asthma or bronchitis can sometimes occur , especially if the air is directed towards the body, this resects the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Meanwhile the cold air causes the skin to dry and there is discomfort in the eyes, the infectious specialist gives the recommendation that if the fan is used it has to be directed towards the environment, in order to avoid the concentration of germs, which bring diseases.

If you want to sleep properly during the night there are a series of recommendations, such as drinking liquids constantly and when you are thirsty, preferably two liters a day, use light and clear clothes, preferably 100 percent cotton and keep the windows open for better air circulation.

Is Sleeping with a Fan On Actually Bad for Your Health? (April 2021)