Sleeping little can be the cause of your singleness


Life is lived quickly. At a certain age it is believed that sleep is a waste of time and that is why many people in productive stage decide to sleep only what they consider necessary, without knowing the consequences that can cause in the health, as well as in the love plan.

Juan Pareja Grande, responsible for the Sleep Unit of the Quirónsalud University Hospital in Madrid, states that poor sleep influences concentration, attention and mood, so that the person can develop anxiety, depression and irritability. Consequently, says the doctor, that affects the daily activities and that others avoid approaching someone who is in a bad mood.

Having sex is part of physiological needs. An article in NHS notes that men and women who do not get enough sleep have a lower libido and that causes their interest in sex to be lower. This is due to the fact that the body does not have enough recovery in standard time and that is why it feels exhausted; the only thing the organism asks is rest.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the mind and body need to sleep seven to eight hours a day, the standard for the average adult. In addition, Amie M. Gordon, of the University of California, Berkeley, said that sleeping too little makes her feel less appreciated by the couple. In a first study, in which couples have difficulty sleeping more than seven hours, those were less grateful and more selfish; in a second, in those who slept the right hours their feelings were of gratitude.

Thus, women and men can be irritable throughout the day, reject people of the opposite sex and are not interested in engaging in some type of conversation that is related to the field of love.

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