Skipping breakfast could be harmful to your health: study


Eating five times a day is as important as breathing, although there are countless people who say that skipping breakfast accelerates the decrease in body weight, as they ensure that it maintains glucose levels as recommended.

Not having breakfast, in addition to not providing energy in the morning, generates stomach upset and / or headaches, so bringing a balanced meal distributed throughout the day is a good habit.

In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology It was determined that people who skipped breakfast every day had an 87 percent risk of death related to cardiovascular disease.

Information was collected from six thousand 500 adults of EE. UU between 40 and 75 years for six years, who were asked how often they had breakfast. Just over 5 percent of the people interviewed said they did not eat breakfast; on the 11th, I rarely consumed it; a quarter just a few days, and 59 percent had breakfast daily.

Subsequently, the team of researchers analyzed the monitoring data until 2011 and found that of 2,318 people who died during that period, 619 deaths were related to heart disease.

Just to save yourself a few minutes and get to school or work early, in a long time you risk your life. The disease is caused by hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, sedentary life, eating at odd hours, among others. When there is exercise, the chances of suffering gastritis or even stomach cancer are almost nil.

These health problems if not addressed in time generate discomfort of magnitude exaggerated as stomach cancer that manifests (depending on the severity) with swelling after eating food, weight loss, vomiting blood or blood in the feces causing, In most cases, death if not detected in time.

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