Situations that only dieters will understand


Diet is a complicated and difficult process that many women have faced more times than we would like, but we do not do it because we like to torture ourselves but because we want to have a healthier life, an enviable body and, in addition, stop all those meals that only hurt us

Who has not tried all the methods to adapt to diet and the gym? The first days the motivation is at maximum, but as time goes by everything becomes more complicated and we begin to miss the food, to feel the pain of the exercises and even to constantly think about how to cheat, right? Surely you have gone through this and you may identify with these gifs that reveal the situations that we have all lived through diet.

1. You always look for effective remedies to fulfill your objective

Gif with the legend: "remedy for not breaking the diet" in which a child appears wearing a motorcycle helmet with glass and trying to eat a fried potato

2. But from time to time you forget about your process

Gif with the caption: "Hey, were not you on a diet?" in which a white mouse is shown eating and responding with a surprised face: "Right!"

3. You refuse outright to try a delicious drink because you know it will make you gain weight

Gif of a pigeon standing on a pedestal shaking his head repeatedly while saying no. Up a text that says: "whenever they offer me a beer"

4. You only have the comfort of smelling the food

Gif with the caption: "When you

5. Motivate you to go to the gym, try it and then fail!

6. In the end you decide to leave everything aside and continue with your lifestyle

Gif Honey Boo Boo taking her belly with her hands and saying: "Look how I care about you and your gym"

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