Shoes with fingers; the strange and abominable trend that came to the catwalks


A few days ago the fashion designer Jonathan Anderson published an illustration with his new collection of shoes 2018. At first glance it seemed that it was a joke, but then it turned out that everything was true and the image showed a drooling tongue licking a finger little finger

Shortly afterwards he continued with the advancement of what he called the collection Loewe resort and there they were: some colorful barefoot sandals that had rings on their fingers that made them stand out! There are also Roman sandals in black with toes in relief and jeweled. This is the weirdest shoe collection we've seen so far.

The kingdom of human hooves

This type of designs are not entirely new, in fact, the fingers began to conquer the world of footwear for a few months, when in the proposed spring 2018 of Y Project appeared some mules yellow and with floral print left only the big toe.

Then the collection appeared Pre-Fall of Celine in which only the big toe was the one that was covered. Time after Kim Kardashian deserves criticism for wearing transparent boots that showed everything.

The embroidered fingers

Shoes with fingers Loewe They are a perfect mix between the joke gift you would choose in a gift shop and a craft. For Anderson, his shoes are like a work of art that deserves to be appreciated in a museum, because there are galleries dedicated to grotesque and atrocious shoes.

The shoes are so eccentric that they even have their nails painted

According to Anderson, this boom of the shoe with fingers is part of a natural progression:

It is not the first time that a brand puts so much emphasis on the nails of the feet, but for me the biggest crime would be that they had their fingernails blown in the same tone as the nails. The shoes Loewe They have a different color and also shine thanks to the jewels.

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