Shocking campaign to show what your children see when you are an ADDICT to your cell phone


A new advertising campaign has been launched in China with the purpose of illustrating how smartphones can affect family life and relationships. With the title Phone Wall (The phone is a wall), the campaign, carried out by the agency Ogilvy & Mather China, is a literal representation of the barriers that arise between human relations due to the addiction to the cell phone.

Juggi Ramakrishnan, creative director of the creative company of this campaign, said for The Huffington Post:

Taking out a phone during a conversation is like lifting a brick wall between two people.

We want people to see this and rethink their relationships with others and their phone from a different perspective.

The campaign was carried out for the Sheyang Psychological Research Center, a government agency focused on raising awareness about social issues and their causes.

Campaign "Phone Wall"

The presence of cell phones in everyday life is potentially harming families with children. Regarding this, Ramakrishnan says:

There is an alarming tendency for parents to ignore their children of all ages. They pay more attention to their digital phones and tablets than to their immediate surroundings.

Consequently, children may feel that they are not receiving the necessary attention. It is as if they were in a rivalry between brothers, with the difference that the rival is an electronic device. If this trend is not controlled, it can cause psychological problems, said Ramakrishnan.

The addiction to mobile phones can cause problems also in relationships, and even at work. The intention of the campaign is to provoke conversations about addiction to smartphones.

We want to get people to leave their devices when they are with someone else; Be it your children, your friends or your partner.

The people in our lives should have priority over Juggi Ramakrishnan devices.

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