Shine Line, the new trend that will blow up your hair color


In recent years we have seen that new trends have taken over Instagram and of our hair: the holographic dye, the one that shines in the dark, the one that changes color with the temperature, the hidden rainbow, among others.

Today, instead of mixing colors, stylists are dying hair horizontally or vertically to create a line of brightness. In general, the roots and ends are the same color and the rainbow is in the middle of the hair, to this look they call it: Shine Line.

1. The main idea is to mix different shades of dye

2. The goal is to create a rainbow effect

3. Shading some parts of the hair

4. To achieve this look, a previous discoloration is done

5. It can be horizontal or vertical

6. This allows you to create a bright line

7. As if a reflector points on your hair

8. The final result gives a sense of magic

9. Surprising more than one

10. The colorist Stephanie Lawrence of New Hampshire

11. Ensures that this trend

12. He has become stronger than ever

13. It allows you to show your boldest side

14. Creative and original

15. Well, there is no line to follow

16. Only the colors that invade your life

17. And the emotions you want to convey

18. So dare to give different shades to your hair

19. Get a radical change

20. And re-love yourself

Shineline Hair Color || Pulp Riot Fall into the Riot Contest (September 2020)